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Southpointe Dentristry | Care Instructions in Canonsburg

Amy L. Cabe D.D.S., P.C.

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Care Instructions



The appliance is made with a temperature sensitive acrylic material which is rigid when cool but soft and flexible when heated under hot water. 

To insert the appliance, first submerge it in a container of hot tap water, or hold the appliance under running hot water only as hot as your fingers can tolerate for at least one minute. Do not heat the appliance by any other means as you may irreversibly damage it. Insert the appliance into your mouth and press the upper rim onto the upper back teeth using both thumbs. Once seated on the upper teeth, close your lower teeth forward into the lower portion of the appliance and bite firmly. To secure the appliance, use fingers to press along the buccal segments and use the tongue to address lingual area. 

To remove the appliance, swish with warm water, then push up on the edges of the lower rim with both thumbs while at the same time opening your mouth. Once the lower rim is off your teeth, grasp the edges of the upper back portion and pull downward which will dislodge the appliance from your mouth. Do not remove the appliance by simply opening your mouth. Each arch must be dislodged separately or the wire work may be distorted and the appliance subsequently ruined. 




It is important to never soak your appliance. Store it dry in the case provided after following these simple cleaning instructions.


v  Only use COOL water

Regularly clean the appliance the same way you clean your teeth – with a toothbrush, toothpaste and COOL water.

v  Do not use effervescent denture cleansers or mouthwash containing alcohol.

Over-the-counter effervescent denture cleansers or alcohol can alter the color and damage or weaken the appliance. Using these products may void the warranty.


Side Effects


A sense of the teeth not touching properly may be experienced by some patients in the morning. This usually self-corrects within an hour or so. In addition, you may experience an excessive amount of saliva for the first month. If significant jaw or joint discomfort occurs, stop turning the screw until your next visit. If the discomfort has not subsided in one or two days, call your doctor immediately for further instructions.


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