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Southpointe Dentristry | Application Instructions in Canonsburg

Amy L. Cabe D.D.S., P.C.

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Application Instructions


• Floss and brush your teeth.

• In a counterclockwise motion, twist off the clear plastic cap from
the syringe.

• Twist the mixing tip clockwise to lock on the end of the syringe.

• Place a small amount of gel in each tooth compartment in the tray
(Diagram 1, inside cover). The gel drop shown represents the
average size drop for each tooth compartment (Diagram 2, inside
cover), depending on the size of your teeth.

Important: Overloading trays with gel may cause temporary
gum irritation.

• Place tray with gel in your mouth (Diagram 3, inside cover). As you
insert tray, be careful not to push gel out of the tray. Bubbling within
trays is normal.

• Use extra care to avoid getting gel on your gums. Remove excess gel
with a cotton swab or a dry toothbrush.

• Once finished placing gel in trays, remove mixing tip from syringe
and replace with clear plastic cap. This ensures ingredients in each
side of the barrel stay separate for maximum effectiveness.

• After whitening, rinse trays with cold water. Use a toothbrush to
remove any residual gel. Place trays in storage case and store in a
cool dry place.

• Rinse and brush teeth to remove excess gel.


• Do not eat, drink or smoke while wearing your custom trays.

• It is normal to see dark colors in trays where you have amalgam
(silver) fillings.

• The area of the tooth closest to the gums may take longer to lighten
than the biting edge. It will also remain the darkest part of the tooth.


Zoom NiteWhite
10%, 16% (CP) overnight or 4-6 hours
22% (CP) 1-2 hours
optimal results within 1 week

Zoom DayWhite
6%,* 9.5% (HP) 30 minutes, twice daily
14% (HP) 15 minutes, twice daily

 optimal results within 2 weeks

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